Virtual Visionaries

Q4 Technology delivers business outcomes within digital economy.

After working in the IT consulting and technology industry for more than 10 years we have worked with many brilliant people and helped them to create great systems, software and processes.

But along the way we’ve also identified that despite their intelligence and talent, many IT consultants have the wrong focus and aren’t always looking towards your best interests.

Q4’s drive to define commercial outcomes and deliver on those has driven positive ROIs for you right across the Asia Pacific region.

We offer businesses, managers and boards active technologists who are passionate about cutting-edge technology linked directly to strategic business outcomes. The two are intrinsically linked and we are aware that technology is a tool to achieve a business goal, not a goal itself.

Why you should choose Q4 Technology:

  • We understand both technology and business needs, this insight helps us to give the best advice and service.
  • Our sharp business focus and experience across many sectors enables our technology and board advisory team to help businesses recover projects on the cusp of failing or ensure burgeoning project benefits are achievable.
  • Q4 has no vested interest in promoting or pushing for a certain product or new technology, our advice is independent of your business and the vendors we recommend or teams we propose to engage.
  • If it’s not broke we won’t attempt to fix it, however, our technologists will suggest improvements if it means increased productivity or a better outcome for your business or board.

“When building modern software, if you need to write a user manual then you have failed.” Jason Turnbull

It’s important to Q4 that through our Brisbane-based IT consulting and advisory service we deliver on our clients’ expectations with technically accurate solutions.

Our business technologists skill set includes:

  • A proven ability to increase and open up revenue opportunities by implementing appropriate technology processes and services.
  • Finding ways to mobilise staff and disseminate information to the workforce using technology and new communication channels.
  • A clear communication style that takes the jargon out of technology to help business decision makers understand the benefits and consequences of certain IT and technology options.

We arm business managers, owners and board directors with the technical knowledge they need to guide them through the decision-making process.

What sets Q4 apart from other IT consulting businesses?

  • We are forward thinkers with a progressive outlook on technological advancement.
  • Our commitment to the truth means we offer honest advice without hidden agendas.
  • We  understand that your business is unique and so are your technology needs.

If you have a project that’s not working or you are continually throwing money at or a problem you need fixed, contact us to see how we can help or call (07) 3193 1184.