Q4 develops software and systems to create business opportunities

Tech experts identify opportunities

When crafting a brilliant new idea into a technical solution there is more to think about than what your users see on the surface. One of the biggest challenges in software and system design isn’t in the core offering of a product, but how it weathers the storms of life in the 24/7/365 digital ecosystem.

Q4 sees the biggest challenge facing business as security and keeping your application relevant, ahead of your competition and accessible. In fact, we have strategically created our business to ensure that clients who work with our highly experienced technologists get the tools they need to stay one step ahead of their closest rival.

Keeping Client's technology secure and relevant

“We are experts at identifying how technology can bring benefits to your business processes.”
  1. Our expert design focuses on a combination of industry standard architectures and best practice design methodologies.
  2. With 30+ years’ combined experience in critical system design, development, maintenance and operation, we provide visionary and safe solutions.
  3. Q4 is committed to lifelong learning and therefore proudly uses its expertise to help clients obtain a better return on their investments in technology.

Systems Analysis and Design

The impact of technology on your project or venture goes well beyond the development or selection of a piece of software. Once a solution shifts from an idea to a tangible product or platform it must integrate into the existing business ecosystem.

It is therefore critical that the design of your IT systems involves a deep analysis of existing business processes and systems as well as the impact these changes will have on the operators.

At Q4 Technology we believe in a holistic view of your technology needs and are experts at consulting and identifying how technology can introduce benefits or efficiencies into your business processes.

A change in technology processes can open up wonderful new opportunities for businesses.