Technical services and advice

We help businesses harness technology to meet their objectives

Whether you’re a small or large business owner, manager, board of directors or a head of department, Q4 Technology provides future-proof technical services to achieve your projects and increase profits.

Technology application is a tool to achieve a business goal, not a goal itself.

At Q4 we use our technology advisory and outsourced project management experience to help you adopt tech IT that will drive smarter, easier and faster customer service experiences.

It’s our job to take the stress of introducing new software and systems, and make sure your money is spent on the right technology solutions to ensure projects are completed on time and within your budget. Our outsourcing advisory service means fast and cost-efficient turnaround for your business.

What you can expect

  • Fast turnaround and personal service.
  • Creative, flexible and experienced business technologists who can effectively communicate without technical jargon.
  • Quality customer service with a focus on security and confidentiality.
  • Cutting-edge technologists who aren’t afraid to try new things.

Our Services

  • Business-focused project management
  • Technology and project advisory service for businesses and boards
  • Software, systems and process design
  • Advice for businesses on disaster recovery
  • Risk identification and remediation to reduce financial fallout
  • Business continuity advice

Whether it’s deciding what sort of web presence to use, how to collect payments, how best to manage bookings and schedules or finding better ways to improve business profitability, Q4 Technology has the answer.

The benefits of using Q4

  • Frees you up to manage your business, team or board.
  • Keeps business managers and department heads up to date with the latest technological advances.
  • Reduces risk of technical projects failing.
  • Increases productivity through the implementation of technology that works.

How we can help

Q4 technologists will sit down and discuss and define the scope of your needs and how we can help you make sure projects and opportunities don’t languish in a corner.

Our board advisory and technology team have their finger on the research and development pulse. Unlike many IT consulting firms in Brisbane, we are on top of the ever-shifting edge of the technology sector. It is through this awareness and knowledge that we can create and implement new tools for you.

We understand that each company or situation is unique and that a one-size fits all approach is not how it’s done in business.

Arrange a meeting

Drop us a message for a face-to-face, no-obligation meeting with us to discuss your needs